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George H. Whitney Society

Members of the George H. Whitney Society have generously included Centenary in their estates or through other long-term planned gifts, the better to immediately enjoy financial benefits and assist Centenary in the years to come. The Society is named in honor of Centenary’s first President, George. H. Whitney, who led the University from its opening in 1869 until 1895. As more and more alumni and friends are joining more than 60 of their peers in making these vital contributions, they may rest secure in the knowledge that they are helping the University achieve its present educational goals, while ensuring it has the necessary flexibility to achieve future success.

Members of the Society are presented with a special commemorative pin that they may wear at College events such as Homecoming & Alumni Weekend, or whenever they choose. That way, they will be immediately recognized for their commitment, forethought and generosity. In addition, members of the Society can enjoy special events both on-campus and off, as well as receiving recognition in Centenary’s Honor Roll of Donors and much more. By joining the George H. Whitney Society, you leave a lasting and meaningful legacy, and join the many Centenarians whose long-term gifts will benefit Centenary’s students today, and for years to come.

To enroll please contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations by calling 908-852-1400 x 2253

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