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It’s a new era at Centenary. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we begin our exciting next chapter as Centenary University.

If you’re asking what’s behind our new name, the short answer is: a lot. In granting University status to Centenary, the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education recognized our growing number of graduate programs, expanding research opportunities, a healthy international studies program, and our four campus locations.

“Centenary’s university status elevates its reputation in the academic world, and its students will reap greater personal and professional benefits as a result.”

Monte Bradford M.B.A. ’16
Director, Operations Planning, Brand Supply Leader, Hemophilia Franchise, Pfizer

“The switch to University status is an acknowledgment of what’s been going on for a long time at Centenary in terms of offering a variety of programs, said David P. Haney, Ph.D., president of Centenary University. “For Centenary, I think it was basically truth in advertising. We definitely are looking like a University.”

“We are proud of Centenary’s new status as a University. We look forward to new and exciting partnerships between Centenary University and Hackettstown.”

Maria DiGiovanni
Mayor of Hackettstown

As a University, Centenary now offers students access to an expanding number of graduate programs—including our new doctorate in educational leadership—as well as the opportunity to partner with faculty on innovative research projects.

“University status is a fitting next step for Centenary, northwestern New Jersey’s higher education leader for 150 years.”

John B. Wilson
President of the Independent College Fund of New Jersey

In addition, while Centenary already attracts many international students, the University designation will make it easier to recruit additional students from overseas who want to enjoy all the benefits of attending a university in America.