Our Progress and Goal

The Centenary University Equestrian Center Enhancement Project has successfully raised money to update footing in both indoor arenas, renovated the Back Barn and Manager’s house which is now the newly named “Pabst Barn” and replaced fencing for the turn-out paddocks.

Our next initiative is to raise money for a horse walker. The addition of a horse walker to the Equestrian Center will enhance the quality of life for the horses and aid in the academic experience of our students.

Why donate?

  • Horse walkers provide health and exercise benefits to the horses of the Centenary Equine program, especially during the cold winter months where turnout capabilities are limited.
  • The Centenary University Equine Rehabilitation program would be provided with enhanced opportunities to aid in the strengthening and suppleness of all our horses.
  • Students would have the chance to experience and participate in the use of state-of-the-art equestrian technology.