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The members of Centenary University’s President’s Advisory Council serve as invaluable advisors to the President and as ambassadors to the broader community. In order for Centenary to realize its fullest potential, the University must have the active involvement of its alumni and friends. Centenary needs its alumni and friends engaged in significant roles within the broader community.

Specifically, this means engaging key alumni and friends in all aspects of the institution’s health — recruitment, student life, fundraising, and the many other facets of Centenary University.

In 1993-94, Centenary President Stephanie Bennett-Smith saw the need to form an advisory group of alumni to meet and discuss the various needs of Centenary. Twelve key alumni were identified and recruited to establish the “Founders” group. These alumni, in conjunction with the President, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the University Advancement staff, met in February 1994 for the inaugural meeting of the President’s Advisory Council.