Van Winkle Award

The Van Winkle Achievement Award honors a distinguished person or professional who has extraordinary accomplishments including outstanding service to Centenary College and the community at large, and who brings honor to our institution. Alumni and all others closely associated with Centenary College are eligible for nomination.

Van Winkle Achievement Award past honorees (through 2014):

Louise Armstrong ’48 Ellen Baars-Banks ’93
Claire Couch Bosee ’54 Fred J. Brotherton ’89 HA
Ruth Vail Pierson Churchill ’13 Margot Nelson Carey ’55
Barbara Clarihew ’61 Karen DeWitt Conner ’54
Bernice Spies Davis ’31 Karen Nelson Drake ’53
Eleanor Lee Drinane ’59 Lucinda Thomas Embersits ’59
Erica Hontz Hoffman ’83 Patricia Terhune Hoffman ’47
Virginia George Hook ’44 Joan Garey Hooper ’50
Karen Phillips Irons ’63 Edith Bolte Kutz ’42
Shirley Wilson McCune ’50 Linda Dey McDonald ’62
Arden Davis Melick ’60/01 HA Althea Mundorff Murchison ’19
Elissa Robison Prout ’54 C. Joy Riddell ’58
Roberta Fleming Roesch ’39 Dominick V. Romano ’01 HA
Ruth Scarborough ’96 HA John A. Shayner ’89 HA
Meredith Post Van Pelt ’32 Diane Decker Sillcocks ’54
Nancy Briwa Veeder ’46 Audrey Hines Bonaparte Watts ’78
Chris Linne ’02/04